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The most toxic people you’ll meet are those who insist on toxic people being around you and preventing your growth. They’ll try to isolate you from your peers and in most cases they’ll never personally meet the people in your life whom they identify as toxic.

They’re often strangers that come into your life when you feel nothing but darkness around you. You often meet them unexpectedly, maybe online, maybe in real life. But they could also be people you’ve known for years. They can be old friends, or family members. But the ones to watch out for are…

Broken emojis and Unicode rendering problems are a widespread issue. There are multiple solutions to problems like , , or .

None of these solutions worked in my case and I came really close to giving up on computers in general over this trivial problem.

Even with the aforementioned fixes applied to my font configuration files, even after installing the Noto Color Emoji font and picking it manually in the Chrome settings, and despite all my efforts to uninstall, purge, and reinstall other relevant fonts that include…

It’s different, but is it good?

openindiana hipster screenshot
openindiana hipster screenshot

The OpenIndiana “Hipster” distribution has been updated to version 2020.10 with lots of improvements, and, according to the release notes, a couple of important bugfixes.

OpenIndiana 2020.10 comes with the MATE desktop environment and the standard MATE applications pre-installed.

The operating system inherits Sun Microsystems’ interpretation of a Unix-based Kernel, and is based on Illumos which is derived from the OpenSolaris project.

It’s not a Linux distribution and comes closer to something like OpenBSD — our Linux Gossip publication is all about free and open source software, especially free operating systems. So, why not give OpenIndiana a shot?

OpenIndiana 2020.10 Release Notes

The following…

“Freedom, Friends, Features, and First” — A recipe for excellence

Fedora 33 Workstation Edition — “Take the tour to discover essential features.”

Following the tight release schedule of two releases per year, the Fedora project updated all their distributions to version 33 on October 27th, 2020. As expected, it runs well and comes with all the good stuff from “Rawhide” — and more!

Fedora 33 Workstation Release Features

Fedora 33 received several useful updates, bugfixes, and new features. Let’s go through some of the most interesting news about F33 “Workstation”.

While not relevant for the workstation variant the Fedora Cloud Base Image and Fedora CoreOS will be available in Amazon’s AWS Marketplace. …

A new format for our Linux Gossip publication

After trying out the functionality a couple of days ago, we’re happy to share the following distribution updates and package upgrades with you in this first issue of our experimental newsletter.

Linux Updates

We’re tracking and loads of relevant mailing lists for this purpose. In the past week the Linux development community released a couple of very interesting distribution updates and lots of fresh packages. We want to highlight some of the Linux distributions first.

OpenBSD 6.8

The OpenBSD community celebrated the 25th anniversary of the project launch in October 1995 as a fork from NetBSD by…

Ubuntu 20.10 with GNOME 3.38 & Raspberry Pi 4 support

ubuntu 20.10 groovy gorilla desktop screenshot
ubuntu 20.10 groovy gorilla desktop screenshot
Groovy Gorilla — Ubuntu 20.10 desktop wallpaper

Six months after the successful release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS another animal-themed alliteration steers the way of the current iteration of this hugely popular operating system: Groovy Gorilla is the codename of Ubuntu 20.10, released October 22nd, 2020.

The most important changes are listed below. You can find the Ubuntu 20.10 release notes here.

GNOME 3.38
This version upgrade has been anticipated by many GNOME users. Version 3.38 contains many performance optimizations and bugfixes and should lead to a even smoother Linux desktop experience.

The Ubiquity installer application has integrated the Microsoft Active Directory functionality.

While still experimental, the…

Dear reader,

We want to try something new and we need your feedback. We’re looking into the newsletter functionality here on and it seems like a neat solution to connect with our readers.

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So, the plan is this:

  • Deliver a spam-free newsletter once per week
  • The newsletter provides updates concerning the Linux/Open Source ecosystem that don’t warrant a full article
  • You get value out of it

Right now, we’re deciding on the day of delivery. It’s probably going to be over the weekend.

We’re excited to explore something new here on 😃

A few things about the latest “Etiona” release

trisquel 9.0 mate desktop screenshot
trisquel 9.0 mate desktop screenshot
Trisquel 9.0 screenshot — MATE Desktop with a soothing sea wallpaper

If you have a keen eye for desktop environments you’ll see that the Trisquel 9.0 experience is powered by MATE, the lightweight GNOME 2.x fork.

Under the hood we find Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as the base. The Trisquel team chose a solid foundation and added a little twist to make this Ubuntu-derivative truly unique.

So, what is Trisquel?

Let’s just quote the official website:

Trisquel GNU/Linux is a 100% free operating system. It comes with a complete selection of programs that can be easily extended using a graphical installer. …

The 25th anniversary might just be the beginning

OpenBSD 6.8 poster artwork by Siah Files

For 25 years the OpenBSD developers have been delivering a safe operating system for people who like to tinker and tweak. Forked from NetBSD in October 1995, the team has produced a new release once every six or so months. Today, on the day of the 49th release of OpenBSD 6.8, there are several reasons to celebrate the project and the volunteer developers that keep OpenBSD going.

The fact that OpenBSD survived this long and was able to maintain its status of relevance is truly inspiring in a world in which constant progress forbids the establishment of sane and trustworthy…

You don’t have to think outside the box. It helps, though.

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With technological barriers being lowered by the day, most freelancers and specialized agencies have to re-think their web-based businesses, especially the way they communicate with clients.

For example, I do web development but my clients rarely do have a website already. Most of the time their web presence is created with WordPress, or Wix, or Squarespace. Not by me but by the clients themselves. This means that I’m often hired to do programming or designing but something else entirely: social media marketing.

Over the years I’ve found the following four-step process to be very valuable and I want…

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